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Sales of Mobile Telephony Products

End of Line Products

For the sake of satisfying our customers who do not want to sign a long term contract or who have not yet spent the time needed to be eligible for rebates from Bell, we have a choice of end of the line cell phones and smartphones offered at discounted prices, ranging from 20 to 50%:

  • iPhone 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, S8, A8

  • LG G4, G5, G6


Given that these products at the end of the line, it is possible that some devices may no longer be available and that others have been added.



Are you a casual user looking for the simplicity and sense of security that you get from a reliable cell phone?


We offer guaranteed refurbished devices that will be sufficient to meet your needs while on the road.


The basic models are offered starting at 195 $.

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